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become a victim during what they call crime time. they want students to be alert and travel in groups. >> 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. when an individual is most likely to be targeted. >> reporter: thee stujts were attacked last weekend while waiting for a campus shuttle. many of them are aware. >> i do take precautions and i live with one other guy and three girls. we have to be more careful because we have girls in the house. we're careful about locking up the doors. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4 today. the victim waited more than 12 hours to report the crime. police say it's important to come forward right away with a description of their attacker so police can canvas the area and have a better chance of catching the suspects. >> we had a gorgeous weekend. have we been waiting all summer long for weather like this? >> finally and it came in september. here we go.
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>> worth the wait. >> we have the autumn con selgss in the sky and 63 in washington. a cool 60 in dulles and andrews air force base and montgomery county, many locations in the's now. only near 50 in the pan handle of west virginia. so quite a cool morning near the bay in the low 60s of the even they at the atlantic beaches only in the 50s and inland as well, only the low 50s in many locations. it's in the low 40s in the mountains of western maryland on this labor day morning. so quite a chilly start there. in fact, the chilliest morning we've had since last spring. we had a clear sky and plenty of sunshine for labor day. afternoon highs into the low and mid-80s the a beautiful day for travelers coming home. it should heat up into the upper 80s then cooling down by the end
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of the week. how's the labor day traffic? >> well, not shockingly we are starting off early. we do have the red line going to be set down between ta coma park for rest of today, opening at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. no trouble spots to speak of. quiet through college park into silver springs. back to you. ashley, thank you, a reminder plan ahead if you are riding the red line, the forest glenn, silver spring and tacoma spots are closed. crews are upgrading communication access. they are offering free shuttle service and work is on pace to reopen tomorrow morning. even though it's labor day, 14 virginia dmv offices will be open. an computer glitch stopped
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transactions for driver's license and i.d. cards, workers are trying to process the backlog of operations, four more than virginia officers will open from 8:00 until noon. those include alexandria, wood bridge and leesburg for another look at the hours and those locations, go to our website, today polls will reopen for early voting in prince george's and montgomery county. in one county there's already allegations of voter fraud. some democratic party officials say someone is trying to intentionally mislead voters. someone is sending out fake 26 district ballots to support samuel dean for executive, but officially the democratic party is backing baker. >> the literature was being passed out and the authority line comes back to a fictitious entity. there is no entity that put this
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out. there is no registered entity that put this out. what's going on is illegal. >> there is no word on how many fake ballots were mailed and passed out. early voting continues in the district today. election officials say there is a strong turnout at many polling stations. people living in the district can register on the spot. d.c.'s ward one council member jim graham is demanding an investigation into who sent out robocalls to his constituents. some ward one residents have received two separate ought mated calls attacking graham's character and calling him immorale. >> there are anonymous mass
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telephone calls and there are laws and regulations relating to identification of persons who send the calls. otherwise, you can imagine what would happen to every election in america. you just say whatever you please, no identification and walk away. >> meanwhile, both of graham's opponents have issued statements. we want to make it clear, that these calls are not associated with our campaign or any known supporters. weaver can say, i can say 100% these did not come from me or my campaign or anyone affiliatewide my campaign. d.c. police and the fbi are both investigating. america is marking this labor day with many people out of work. the unemployment rate is at 9.6%. president obama is taking his message on the road. he is pushing a plan to create more jobs. >> reporter: this afternoon, president obama spends labor day
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with union workers in milwaukee. union leaders say what's been a day of celebration has been a day of frustration for many. >> 11 million people out of work. i have less to be thankful for. those on wall street are doing quite well. >> reporter: unemployment creeped up to 9.6% on friday. jobs are being created, but not nearly fast enough to employ the millions left jobless in this recession. today and in cleveland wednesday, the president will talk about the slow recovery and urge congress to approve 100 billion in tax breaks for small business. >> that's what the bottom line is. small businesses are the engine of growth. all we do is help train people for those jobs. >> reporter: the unemployment rate could have a big impact on november's elections. democrats are fighting to maintain control, hammered by republicans who blame them for joblessness in america. president obama will also hold a
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rare news conference this week where jobs will most likely be the number one issue. >> today is the last day for soaking up the rays and splashing around in many of d.c.'s polls. five pools will officially shut their doors for the season today. many of the outdoor pools closed two weeks ago, the francis pool in northwest will be open for another week in east potomac pool in southwest will be open until september 17th. that is one of first signs it is just about over. >> as hot as it was this summer -- >> you can't wait. >> i'm happy for the change in season personally. >> you ain't kidding. >> 63 degrees, major underwater efforts, crews will not be taking the day off from trying to fix the oil leak in the gulf.
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remember the flight attendant who made the dramatic exit last month, looks like it might have been his final fair well. will it be nice for your
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time for weather and traffic early on this monday morning. as we approach 4:41, a clear sky and cool start. temperatures around much of the
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region in the 50s. 63 in washington near the bay in the 60s. later today, beautiful day we'll keep the pattern going like over the weekend. sunshine and a blue sky with highs reaching the low to mid- 0's, tuesday and wednesday and thursday should be dry each day but hotter as we get back to work tomorrow. highs reaching upper 80s to near 90 and near 90 on wednesday. thursday we should cool down a bit with highs in the 70s and morning lows in the 50s. a look at friday and next weekend coming up in ten minutes at 4:51. let's check traffic early. ashley linder is in for jerry. >> on this labor day, no big traffic troubles to slow you down. let's look at the bay bridge heading away from us, no problems towards the eastern shore or heading back home at this hour.
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one lonely driver there. around the springfield area, very quiet, a couple of headlights traveling towards the 395 corridor but rolling accident free. eun, back to you. 4:42. i'm very excited as the morning goes on. >> you can't believe it, you have to say it out loud. >> i kind of enjoy it. >> you don't stay out all night? >> not any more. craigslist changes, the controversial adult services section has been blocked. are you in the market to buy a new car? why labor day is prime ti
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here's a look at our top stori stories, mees in college park are looking for a possible band of robbers.
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four separate incidents since school started in each case the attacks happened in crime time, 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. virginia dmv offices will be open this labor day. dmv extended hours of certain branches to help with the backlog. northern virginia locations are open today, including alexandria, fair oaks and leesburg and wood bridge. you may want to plan ahead for the red hin. glenmont, wheaton, takoma and forest glen all closed for track word. work is set to open tomorrow. a triple shooting left thee people dead, two people and two teens in the hospital. detectives say a large crowd was gathered around 53rd when they
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heard gunshots. two teenage girls with along with the man. one victim has life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests. firefighters are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire early yesterday morning at a home on minnesota avenue. take a look at this cell phone video. you can see a huge orange ball of flames. the fire was so intense, the roof and porch collapsed. the homeowners were on vacation and no one was hurt. a prince george's county construction worker was recovered after being buried alive. the accident happened shortly before noon outside an apartment building in district height. they believe vibrations from a backhoe caused it to collapse on him. they were able to dig him out to his waist and took rescuers another two hours to dig him out
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completely. the investigators are getting their first up close look at the blowout preventer supposed to keep something like the bp spill from happening. the fbi was on hand as the massive piece of machinery now considered evidence was hoisted up from the gulf floor. they are hoping to inspect the preventer and figure out why the deep oig rig exploded. ann thompson from the gulf coast. >> reporter: it emerged slowly from the gulf of mexico, a 1 million pound metal sea creature pulled up as the sunrise on the biggest oil spill in history. once again hydrates, the crystals that foiled several attempts to cap the well created trouble. marvin morrison is the site leader. >> the hydrates melt and gas off. as it's coming to surface, we
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have to make sure that we're taking all of the safety precautions necessary so that gases contained and held and let off properly. >> reporter: the giant tower hoisted the structure through the center of the vessel. the emergency brake that failed the night of april 20th when the deepwater horizon rig exploded in flames. now it's a 50-foot tall piece of evidence that may yield clues as to why the disaster happened. there is one last mission, to forever seal the well from the bottom with the relief well. thad allen will give the order to john wright to finish the job. >> the pressure is basically to get the job done and get it over with and get on. >> reporter: do you feel that too, do you feel the pressure? >> i don't know if i call it pressure. it's a huge accountability
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piece. there's an expectation by the american public the problem will get solved. >> reporter: they say another threat from the well is gone, but not the people who died including blair manual. >> i think of their families and each of every one of them, even blair. these guys deserve this. we need to find out not only for nem and their memories but for the industry. i know they would want it no other way. >> reporter: ann thompson, nbc news. investigators noted the explosion was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that xamed from the well. but they do not know exactly how or why the gas escaped. stephen slater's dramatic exit was his last at jetblue. the airline carrier announced slater no longer works for the company. last month slater gained national attention after hitting the plane's emergency chute and sliding out with two beers.
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he got frustrated after a passenger hit him and refused to apologize. he faces criminal charges, including criminal mischief and recless endangerment. >> as the east coast enjoys a beautiful hurricane weekend, the worst hurricane earl dealt was to businesses in new england. it only grazed much of the eastern seaboard but caused many to rethink their travel plans. it caused relatively little damage but it is being blamed for a death in nova scotia where it brought hurricane-force winds and driving rain. forecasters are turning their attention to the gul of mexico where a tropical depression is forming, and it could become tropical storm hermin later today. it's bringing heavy rains and possible flooding to southern texas. let's bring in tom kierein. this has been an active season
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so far. man. >> this is the peak of our season too, usually september 1st through the 15th is the most active time in the tropical atlantic. and we haven't heard the last of gaston yet either. early on this labor day morning, your travel plans should not have any difficulties, if you're about to head off early on this labor day morning, there is the washington monument under a clear sky. 63 at national airport where this is going down in the record books as the hottest summer on record. the summer of 2010 as recorded at national airport. and in washington, way back to 1872. right now as we look at the temperatures, certainly very cool. thankfully getting a break from our searing heat. near 60 in prince george's county. however, much of central montgomery county is around the 60s right now. look out in the mountains, many
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locations in west virginia in the 40s, eastern shore away from the waters in the 50s and we've got a clear sky, high pressure moving over the region right now. meanwhile, these are the remnants of gaston, but it may become gaston again as it tracks west and heading towards the leeward island. and this is that depression in the southwestern gulf that may move into texas, may become a named storm later and bring some storms there later today into tomorrow. for us for today, lots of sunshine, highs reaching the mid-8 0s, a gorgeous labor day. by dawn tomorrow near 60. tuesday and wednesday and thursday remaining dry but hot back to work and school tomorrow and wednesday and upper 80 to near 90. friday and saturday and sunday we'll have seasonal temperatures. how's the traffic? >> good morning, starting off your holiday commute, the only major issue trafficwise, the red line will be shut down between
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takoma station and silver spring. they are running shuttles, but add 40 minutes to your commute. there's a giant map. things are great, no major issues. on the roadway itself, 270 is very quiet. to the trauk scales, very few drivers out. and 66 at gleeb is also wide open as well. back to you. >> ashley, thanks. 4:53 is your time. it is 64 degrees. coming up, a message for drivers before you make a trip to the garage. why you may be changing your oil too often. >> in the market for a new vehicle?
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if you're in the market for a new car, today may be your lucky day, labor day is usually when dealerships try to clear out current year models to make room for new models. some are offering 0% interest rate and cash incentives up to $5,000, depending on what type of car you buy and your credit score. >> a new study says you may not need to change the oil as often as you thought. most people get an oil change every 3,000 miles. but edmunds says that's
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wasteful. you can double your mileage before going to see a mechanic or changing it yourself. some manufacturers recommend them every 20,000 miles. mechanics and other automotive experts say you can justify longer waits if you use a more expensive synthetic oil. craigslist users may notice something is missing. >> it is a controversial adult services page. jeff rossen reports. >> reporter: nestled among the ads for real estate and antiques and jobs, the other side of craigslist, the adult services section, including thinly failed offers of prostitution. over the weekend the adult services link was removed and replaced with this. s censored, a little black box that leads you nowhere. >> we are thankful that craigslist has shut down the adult services section.
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we believe that that act really lessens the suffering of so many girls who are being sold for sex. >> reporter: the website operates around the world but the link is only blocked in the u.s. craigslist won't say if it is permanent or temporary or a message to the critics, last month attorneys general in 17 states wrote a joint letter to craigslist demanding they remove the adult services section. >> operating an online red light district in obvious and plain view as times square was in the 1970s or 80s. >> reporter: it came under scrutiny last year after the arrest of phillip markoff. police say he attacked women who posted adult ads on craigslist. he was charged with murdering one of them. markoff later killed himself in jail. craigslist vowed to crack down on sex ads. our nbc news hidden camera investigation still found many
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women on craigslist offering prostitution. >> craigslist has to be held accountable, making tens of millions of dollars from these kinds of ads which is outrageous. >> reporter: a new find craigslist makes millions on the adult services add. 36 million this year alone, triple from what it made last year. >> i do hope it is not shut down and not a game of semantics. >> reporter: jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. >> news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. dirty politics, early voting just got underway in maryland and already there are allegations of voter fraud. what's being done about it. it is labor day, a day dedicated to the american worker but this year many are not workin

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